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SHUKYU Sports Club / Drinks Break

3,300 JPY

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2020年秋に新たにスタートした「SHUKYU Sports Club」のロゴがプリントされたナルゲンボトル 。安全で無害なBPAフリーの飽和ポリエステル樹脂を使用しており、気密性が高く、飲料水を持ち歩く他に、行動食入れとしても使えます。冬場も飲水タイムをお忘れなく。 Nalgene bottle printed with the logo of "SHUKYU Sports Club", a new project started fall 2020. Made of safe and harmless BPA-free saturated polyester resin, it is highly airtight and can be used as a ration container as well. Don't forget to stay hydrated. <Information> Nalgene clear Wide Mouth bottle Printed black SSC logo Blue Cap BPA, BPS and Phthalate Free Made from Tritan Dishwasher safe Made in USA 16oz (500ml)

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